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Total ankle replacement and rehabilitation

Ankle Replacement is a surgical option for a growing number of patients with end-stage ankle arthritis. There is very little public awareness of this procedure due to the much smaller population of patients who have had an ankle replacement compared to the number of patients with either a hip or knee replacement. Many of the principles behind ankle replacement are the same as those behind hip and knee replacement, though the ankle has several additional challenges.

Ankle Arthritis
Ankle ReplacementWhile most individuals are aware of the "wear and tear" arthritis common in the hip and knee, arthritis in the ankle is significantly less common. Interestingly, the ankle has about 1/3 the surface area of the knee, yet has to withstand loads as high and sometimes higher than the knee, yet it doesn't wear out as easily as the knee. While good ol' fashion osteoarthritis of the ankle does occur, the great majority of ankle arthritis is post-traumatic, that is, it occurs sometime after an injury to the ankle. It is common that patients with ankle arthritis have associated arthritis or deformity resulting from injuries to the joints near the ankle. Because of these factors, many ankle arthritis patients are younger than their knee and hip counterparts and may not qualify for ankle replacement. For those who are considered good candidates for ankle replacement, ankle replacement provides the option for pain relief from arthritis while maintaing motion of the ankle joint. Ankle replacement is by no means the only treatment option for ankle arthritis, but it should be discussed in the broader context of treatment options.

Why consider Dr. Feinblatt for my ankle replacement

  • Ankle Replacement is a complex surgical procedure that combines technical skills from both the foot and ankle discipline as well as broader technical skills and knowledge from hip and knee joint replacement.
  • Dr. Feinblatt has worked with all of the FDA approved ankle replacement systems available, and was the first surgeon to implant the STAR ankle in the State of Oregon.
  • Dr. Feinblatt trained with internationally recognized leaders in Ankle Replacement, and remains involved with national discussions regarding ankle replacement.
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